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[English] Saint – Saints.

The word “holy” without direct connections with other terms in the Old Testamentis very rare. Rather, you could meet with such a determination in relation to end times. In the

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New Testament, this term means the Christians. Initially it was used only with relation to members of the community in Jerusalem, and esp. to a small group who experienced Pentecost. In time it was used against the brothers of Judea, then to all the faithful; Christians participate in the holiness of God through the Holy Spirit.
The holiness of Christians, having a source of God’s choosing, demands from them a complete break with sin and pagan rites. This demand the sanctity of life, is the basis of all Christian ascetic tradition. Not based on the ideal of law, which is something external, but the dedication to the rule of Jesus Christ – Second Divine Person, God IHWH. Read the rest of this entry »

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The presence of God will be perfect after the man free from his mortal body. Then, after the resurrection power of the Spirit of God, will be in full view of God as One who is All in all. Then excellent wil be the presence of the Father and the Son through the gift of the Holy Spirit.

The presence of God, is not accessible only by the presence of the human body, nor restricted to a nation or a selected group of people, nor is it associated with any particular place. It is the gift of the Holy Spirit, available to everyone in the Body of Christ, where God [YHWH] is in full swing. God sends this gift to anyone who responds to Him call: “Come!”. Read the rest of this entry »


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