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/Italiano/ I Santo – Dio è santo e si manifesta come Santa.

Mount Sinai

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La Sacra Bibbia:

Esodo 3, 14
14 Dio disse a Mosè: «Io sono colui che sono!». Poi disse: «Dirai agli Israeliti: Io-Sono mi ha mandato a voi».

Esodo 19, 3 – 20
3 Mosè salì verso Dio e il Signore lo chiamò dal monte, dicendo: «Questo dirai alla casa di Giacobbe e annuncerai agli Israeliti: 4 Voi stessi avete visto ciò che io ho fatto all’Egitto e come ho sollevato voi su ali di aquile e vi ho fatti venire fino
a me. 5 Ora, se vorrete ascoltare la mia voce e custodirete la mia alleanza, voi sarete per me la proprietà tra tutti i popoli, perché mia è tutta la terra! 6 Voi sarete per me un regno di sacerdoti e una nazione santa. Queste parole dirai agli Israeliti». 7 Mosè andò, convocò gli anziani del popolo e riferì loro tutte queste parole, come gli aveva ordinato il Signore. Read the rest of this entry »

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Moses mosaic on display at the Cathedral Basil...

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The holiness of God is not available to man. For accepted saint’s of God by
a man, it is necessary, that God showed His own glory, it means that He proved to be a saint.

In the temple, Yahweh appears of Isaiah as the King of infinite majesty, as the Creator that fills the earth with His glory, as an object of worship, where only angels can surrounded Him (also only in some degree).
But God which is not available, fills Himself the gap existing between Him and the creatures.

The holiness of God is much more than only one of the attributes of God – it is something characteristic from God in general. Therefore, His Name is holy; giving the word, the Lord refers to His own holiness.

The problem of the nature of holiness in the Bible, it is ultimately the problem of the mystery of God himself. Read the rest of this entry »


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The first chapter of B'reshit, or Genesis, wri...
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Rumor has it that to really understand what God wants to say through His Word, should be read the whole chapter.
The opening of the Bible accidentally is not the luckiest technique, because the Bible is the Word of God, so on every page, on every line is written something that you can try to interpret it.

Facing a more appropriate technique of reading, I put a summary, and on this time may God himself will place
a comment in the heart of every reader.

Because of the Easter
Fold my best wishes:
Healthy Merry Christmas
Peace Love Joy

May the Risen Christ will be heard in the heart of every
and in a special way all those
who had long been so request –

               – Orifiell.

Rufus Wainwright - Hallelujah (shrek) Read the rest of this entry »

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A chapel in Aksum, which is allegedly housing ...

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“Seek me, and you shall live”.
[Amos 5, 4]

I will start with the obvious and boring the simplest way possible for the correct expression of thought, will conclude today’s entry.

What does it mean to seek God?
As you read in the source text, it does not mean ONLY the entry into the church on a Sunday mass. Finding God, is the attitude that every Christian should take during their earthly pilgrimage to the “house of the Father”. Read the rest of this entry »


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Moses Pleading with Israel, as in Deuteronomy ...
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In the beginning God reveals Himself only for a few, privileged individuals. With time, he gave up more people, depth through His Name –  describes Himself as: “I am what is”, which evokes some of infinity, in the sense of eternal duration beyond time and the space of.
Also, from the very beginning (apart from God, “self-revelation”) can be heard to ensure His permanent presence in man.
Emerge there different types of functions performed against a man, like God – the Guardian and the Shepherd (characterized by the name “Emmanuel“, meaning “God with us”); God –  the Favourite, God – the Redeemer and finally present at the last day, as God –  the Judge, too, the King of all nations. Read the rest of this entry »


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